RIP, George HW Bush


I had relatively few occasions to draw the first President Bush, who died last Friday, during his single term. Probably the best was the first, a party invitation for Inaugural Day at Eve’s and my loft in New York. This was only ironically a celebratory occasion; we were good Democrats who had supported Bush’s opponent Michael Dukakis. I actually painted a caricature of Bush on our floor for guests to dance on, though it was not as detailed as the one on the flyer:

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RIP, John McCain


I had remembered drawing a lot of caricatures of recently deceased Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain over the years, but I was only able to find a few in my archives. This group caricature from the 2000 New Hampshire Primary, drawn for INX, was the earliest. In case you don’t recognize them, the other figures are Texas Governor and eventual winner George W. Bush, Senator and former basketball star Bill Bradley, and Vice President Al Gore:

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From my pals at INX:

“Please join us on Monday, July 16, for the opening reception of
“EARTH ALERT – INX Artists and the Environment” Curated by Andrea Arroyo.
Meet the Artists reception: Monday, July 16th, 6-8pm . Exhibit on view through  August 31, 2012.
The Grady Alexis Gallery, El Taller Latino Americano, 2710 Broadway, 3rd fl., New York, NY 10025.
Gallery Hrs: Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-1pm. Free and open to the public.
Contact: Andrea Arroyo, Curator and Gallery Director, The Grady Alexis Gallery, NYC (

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