Figure In Perspective, Etc.

I haven’t been doing much commissioned work recently, but I’ve been plugging away nonetheless, posting comics, videos, and sketchbook pages to my Patreon on a regular basis. On any given week I might post a book report comic drawn on a library call slip, like this one about Sarah Polley’s memoir:

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Perspective Grid Comics And Drawings

  • My late foster brother Rafael had a Cuban proverb he used to quote to me: “El vago trabajo doble”, which translates to “the lazy one works twice”, which I take to mean that if you’re lazy and skip steps, you’re going to have to work twice as hard fixing all your mistakes later. For me, this proverb comes up a LOT, because I am by no means a systematic or methodical worker. The latest proof of that is today’s subject, a series of posts I’ve been putting up over the course of the last few years on my Patreon page.

    David Chelsea is reading: She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement
    by Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey

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  • Perspective Police!: Plastic Man?


    Here’s part of the presentation I gave last Saturday at Stumptown Comics Fest:

    My fellow cartoonist John Linton Roberson brought this one to my attention. It comes from a comic called Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1, published by DC in 2011. (Superhero comics, like animated cartoons, are a group effort. The credited artists for this panel are Rodney Buchemi, José Marzan, Jr. and Artur Fujita.)

    David Chelsea is reading:
    Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
    by Mary Roach

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    Letters To Steve

    Another of my far-flung correspondents has sent me a batch of decorated envelopes. I met Steven Abrams when he was an intern at my first publisher, Eclipse Comics. Later Steve was my assistant on Welcome To the Zone, and now he works for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles.

    Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers
    Steven Abrams with other Jimmy Kimmel staffers

    David Chelsea is reading
    “The Book Of Dreams”
    by Federico Fellini

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    The Stumptown That Was

    It’s not Stumptown till I file my report. This year I decided not to bring my trusty Palm Pilot and instead left it to others to record the event in photos; the official pool of snaps can be found on the Stumptown home page.

    My Table (overhead view)
    My Table (overhead view)

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    “Swing Guitar Masterpieces”
    by Oscar Aleman

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    Stumptown Previews #4: More Perspective Grids

    lGrid by M.C. Escher
    Grid by M.C. Escher

    I’ll be giving a talk and demonstration of drawing on perspective grids Saturday at Stumptown. Here is part of what I’ll be talking about.

    David Chelsea Is Watching:
    “True Grit”

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    Stumptown Preview #1: Perspective Grids

    The Stumptown Comics Festival approaches. This year’s event will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on April 16th and 17th. As usual I will be attending, signing books and selling artwork at my own table, but this year I will also be doing a presentation, a demonstration of drawing in perspective using the pre-existing grids from the DVD which comes with my new book Extreme Perspective!

    David Chelsea is listening to: “Packing For Mars” by Mary Roach

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