Third Thursday On Patreon: Mugg On The Move, And More Friends, Lovers & Family Envelopes


It’s the Third Thursday of the month, time to post Secret Stash material on Patreon, as well as two more pages of my new webcomic, ARE YOU BEING WATCHED?

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One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon
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Wizard World Chicago: The Interview

Patric Lewandowski
Patric Lewandowski

I’ll have more to say about my time at Wizard World Chicago soon, but for now, here’s an interview recorded at the Con by cartoonist and Minneapolis Media Institute instructor Patric Lewandowski. The interview mostly deals with perspective and my two books on the subject, but it also touches on 24 Hour Comics and some of my recent projects like SNOW ANGEL.

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Perspective! And Extreme Perspective! In Korean!

I have just heard from Yeong-jin Ahn, a translator living in South Korea, that Viz and Biz is issuing a Korean-language edition of Extreme Perspective! (its first foreign translation) later this month, along with a new printing of Perspective!, which they first issued in 2007. I’ll share images from both books when I get my author’s copies, but for now here’s an image of the cover of Perspective! which I found online:

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Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History
by Fredrik Strömberg

Back To Eugene

This Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be heading back to Eugene (site of my most recent 24 hour Comics event) to give a perspective talk and live drawing demonstration at noon at the University of Oregon’s Downtown Baker Center in connection with the DIVA Art Of The Graphic Novel exhibit. This will largely replicate the presentations I gave at Stumptown in April and at Gage Academy in September. I’ll be showing examples of work done over the whole of my career and even before:

After the Jack Benny Show opener, early 1960s
After the Jack Benny Show opener, early 1960s

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The Cardboard Valise
by Ben Katchor

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European Sketchbook #1: Italy

Palazzo Celsi
Palazzo Celsi

Here are some sketches from the trip I took to Europe with the family in June and July. Our first stop was Venice, then we moved on to Florence, where I collected research for a book project about Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi and his discovery of perspective.

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“Godel, Escher, Bach”
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David Chelsea Thinks Ink And Talks Perspective

Attention Seattle! I’ll be taking my act to your fair city this coming Friday, giving a talk at Gage Academy on my favorite topic, perspective (and selling copies of my new book Extreme Perspective! as well as its predecessor, Perspective!) as well as attending the opening of a group show at the Steele Gallery. I quote from the Gage press release:

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The Pinball Effect
by James Burke

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Perspective Police!: The Defense

Joost Swarte comic from The New Yorker
Joost Swarte comic from The New Yorker

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Kim Thompson of Seattle, Washington comes to the defense of Joost Swarte, whom I took to task in my last blog post for his inconsistent use of horizontal oblique projection in a recent New Yorker piece:
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Perspective Police!

Happy April Fool’s Day! No fooling, today I’m starting a new feature on this blog, where I use my expertise (as demonstrated in my two books Perspective! and Extreme Perspective!) to demonstrate the lapses, inconsistencies and violations of Perspective Law in my fellow artist’s technique. Call it “Perspective Police!”

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