Perspective Police!: Plastic Man?


Here’s part of the presentation I gave last Saturday at Stumptown Comics Fest:

My fellow cartoonist John Linton Roberson brought this one to my attention. It comes from a comic called Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1, published by DC in 2011. (Superhero comics, like animated cartoons, are a group effort. The credited artists for this panel are Rodney Buchemi, José Marzan, Jr. and Artur Fujita.)

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Perspective Police! At Stumptown

The Many Moods Of David Chelsea At Stumptowns Past
The Many Moods Of David Chelsea At Stumptowns Past

This year at Stumptown Comics Fest I’ll be presenting something new. Rather than the tried-and-true perspective drawing grid slideshow and demonstration that I have presented two years running, I am doing a slide show version of my irregular blog feature Perspective Police! in which I analyze published drawings by artists like Joost Swarte, Ivan Brunetti, and Alison Bechdel, and propose revisions to better bring them in line with perspective. Not that I am free from error myself; one of the images I police is an early illustration by a promising young artist named David Celsi.

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