New Patreon Posts: The Devil Cooks, Work In Progress, And A Sneak Peek At Snow Angel!


It’s the Fourth Thursday of the month on my Patreon page, when I ordinarily do a video hangout, but I am finishing up an important phase of my new book PERSPECTIVE IN ACTION, and haven’t had time. Instead, I’m posting some work in progress from the book, specifically the chapter on motion perspective:

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(Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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Wednesday Heads-up: SNOW ANGEL and Modern Love Podcast


It’s Wednesday, when new comics go on sale at all comic shops across America, and today is the first day that you can buy the newly published collection SNOW ANGEL from Dark Horse. This book includes the original 24-page Snow Angel story from Dark Horse Presents, the eight-page Halloween story that appeared in DHP last October, and five more stories that have not appeared in print before, as well as an introduction by my daughter Rebecca, the original inspiration for Snow Angel!

David Chelsea is reading: Creepy Archives Volume 13
by Bill Dubay and others

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SLEEPLESS: SNOW ANGEL, the 24 Hour Comic


My newest book, SLEEPLESS AND OTHER STORIES: DAVID CHELSEA’S 24-HOUR COMICS, VOL.2, was published by Dark Horse last month, and is available in stores now (and downloadable in e-book form here). I’m doing a series of posts about the six stories in it, starting with this one on the original 24 Hour Comics version of SNOW ANGEL:

David Chelsea is reading: Killing and Dying
by Adrian Tomine

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SNOW ANGEL in April!


I just got a copy of my newest book, the SNOW ANGEL collection from Dark Horse, in the mail. You will have to take my word for it, but it looks beautiful– kudos to editor Philip Simon, designer Ethan Kimberling and all the Dark Horse team on a superb production job! The book itself will be hitting bookstores on April 27, but it can be preordered here:

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RIP, Bingo The Cat


It saddens me to report the death of Bingo, our family cat for the past twelve and a half years. Although he was already pretty old by cat standards, Bingo’s last illness came on very suddenly. Last Saturday, Eve noticed that his belly was strongly swollen. It was more so on Sunday. Instead of purring, he was cooing like a dove, which was odd. Monday, Eve called for a vet appointment. Since it did not seem to be an emergency, they gave her a Tuesday appointment. When they took his temperature, the nurse thought it was a mistake because it was only 95.5° The vet said it was cancer causing fluid to build up, which explained the swelling, and that Bingo’s temperature meant that his body was actively shutting down, and he might not last to the weekend. Quite a shock, since we had vaguely thought this might be worms or a bowel obstruction. The vet recommended euthanasia on the spot. Eve decided to have it done at home, so Rebecca would have a chance to say goodbye. Bingo had not seemed to be in pain before, but he spent Tuesday night squirming around on the floor, yowling piteously. The end of life vet arrived Wednesday morning. Eve and I had a chance to hold him one last time before she stopped his heart. We buried Bingo in the yard that afternoon.


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It’s Starting To Get Real


I just got a preview copy of SLEEPLESS, my second 24 Hour Comics collection from Dark Horse, in the mail yesterday. The book itself drops on April 5th, 2016 (not, as I previously reported, in February). It includes six stories:

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The American Bystander #1
edited by Michael A Gerber

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Secret Stash On Patreon- Celebrity Envelopes: The Men


It’s the third Thursday of the month, the day that I post The Secret Stash on my Patreon page– that is, sketches, reference photos, old flyers, and other ephemera from my files. Today I have a selection of decorated envelopes sent to friends over the past four decades or so, specifically ones that depict famous people. Because there are so many of these, I split the pile up into male and female celebrities. This month it’s men; I’ll post envelopes with women at some point in the future.

David Chelsea is reading: Amy and Isabelle: A novel
by Elizabeth Strout

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Second Thursday: Snow Angel, And An End To All Day And All Of The Night On Patreon!


It’s the Second Thursday of the month, time for me to load a new comic from the archives to my Patreon page. This month, it’s the third and final installment of ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT, a 24 Hour Comic in which Mugg finds himself a contestant on a Reality TV show hosted by famous cartoonist David Chelsea, in which he has 24 hours to draw a comic. Mugg ends up one of the top two contestants, competing for the top prize with a six-year-old boy in a wheelchair, who draws with a pen in his mouth (the blue ribbon panel of judges includes my own early character Piggola, The Virgin Valkyrie, a video game character who appeared in another strip of mine, THE GIRL WITH THE KEYHOLE EYES, and Kitchenbot, a robot formed of pots and pans and and cutlery, vaguely similar to Paul Guinan’s Boilerplate.):

David Chelsea is reading:
ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color
by Jude Stewart

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Snow Day!


Today, Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 is the day DARK HORSE PRESENTS #15 goes on sale at comics shops everywhere. This issue is very special for me, because it contains the second Snow Angel story ever in print, an extra-spooky adventure set on Halloween!

David Chelsea is reading:
The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America’s Coldest Cases
by Deborah Halber

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