Straight Out Of 1975: The Lost Sketchbook


It’s the Third Thursday of the month, when I post The Secret Stash on my Patreon page. This category covers a wide range of material- decorated envelopes, reference photos, sketchbook roughs- from the depths of my archives. This month I’m posting drawings that I hadn’t seen in forty years, from a notebook belonging to Marcia Lepley.

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directed by Jean-François Laguionie

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Go Patreon!


I have important news, everyone! I am beginning a new project which I hope will make a huge difference in my life, if not in the world. I am launching a Patreon page to support my work in comics. Actually, I launched the page a month ago, but I wanted to make sure that everything worked to my satisfaction before making a general announcement.

What is a Patreon? Well, it’s like a Kickstarter Campaign, but instead of making one big contribution to fund one big project, you make a series of little contributions to keep me drawing comics on a monthly basis. Really, it’s like a tip jar for the cartoonist, and like a tip jar, you can give as much or as little as you like.

This video shot by my awesomely talented friend Milan Erceg lays out the details. You can watch it on the home page, or on YouTube:


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The Sculptor by Scott McCloud.

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Work In Progress: The Men Of SANDY & MANDY


SANDY & MANDY, the story I drew as an upcoming series for DARK HORSE PRESENTS, was designed specifically to pass The Bechdel Test, cartoonist and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Alison Bechdel’s set of rules for determining if a story is sexist or not. To wit:

1. It has to have at least two women in it,
2. Who talk to each other,
3. About something other than a man.

Some people amend the rules to require that both women have names.

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American Horror Story: Season 1
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Portland In The 1960s

This new book by Polina Olsen is pretty self-descriptive; it’s about Portland (Oregon, not Maine) in the 1960s. I grew up in Portland, and my memories of that decade are fairly sharp, since I was drinking my Kool-aid without acid in it, but they are mostly of stuff like Saturday morning cartoons and those weird old exhibits at OMSI (Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry) rather than the student protests and psychedelic concerts that this book covers (I knew many of the prominent figures in the book, like Psychedelic Supermarket proprietor Emery Ingham, the artist Henk Pander, Outsider-In founder Dr. Charles Spray, and Storefront Theater co-founders Tom Hill and Anne Gerety, because their kids went to the same school I did, the Metropolitan Learning Center; Portland’s counterculture was a pretty small scene compared to Haight-Ashbury or the East Village).

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More Baths Less Talking: Notes from the Reading Life of a Celebrated Author Locked in Battle with Football, Family, and Time
by Nick Hornby

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